Sistahood…What does it mean to me?

Sistahood…What does it mean to me? Only EVERYTHING! I would not be living my life today with the clarity, inspiration and love that I feel without my angels!

My twenty five year old daughter said to me one day a few years ago, “Mom, I want to have an angel team like you do! How did you find your girlfriends, your sisters?

Well, over the years I have been collecting my sisterhood…some have fallen off the list over the years and I only facilitate those friendships that meet this unsaid criteria. My collection of angels are ladies ( and one fabulous gay man) that encourage me in becoming who I am truly  meant to be…they do not facilitate  the drama that of course can happen when women get together…they are nurturing, sometimes funny, generous, great listeners that I could NOT live without. They are my mirrors,,,reflecting the best and the worst of me all the time. They inspire me and have helped me grow…We have planted seeds together, watered them with hours of conversations and we have watched the garden bloom and also go back to the earth, together!

Life is full of challenges…my life has had more than a few…In a nutshell, my husband had a auto immune liver disease for over 20 years and needed a liver transplant. Then two years later he needed another one!  I volunteered to be tested and amazingly, a one percent chance actually, I was a match. So my team of angels all met each other as they bonded around our recovery. It was so heart warming to see them all connect and love one another. Their tender loving care helped us heal….for a time.

Then, sadly, my husband passed on…now almost 20 months ago. My angels and my yoga practice have allowed me to survive, to live, to grow, to accept and to love THIS life! I am healing everyday with the help of my sisterhood and…Life is Good, again..and I KNOW I could not have traveled down these paths without them.

With so much Gratitude and Love,


Carol Shwidock

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