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It started with a simple question: Do you think women who have strong friendships with women are the majority or minority?

Apparently, this was not an easy question for some. Many women had several questions before they were able to answer. They needed to think about it. And, the answers were surprising.

One woman stated that she felt it was a “New York thing.” That seemed a little bizarre until I heard something similar from several other women.

Many women also responded immediately that they certainly embraced their women friendships and valued them above most, if not all, others.

A Duke University study concluded that the majority of women did have and value strong woman friendships and about 19% of the women questioned did NOT have strong women friendships.

That study was done some time ago. We are asking you to take a few moments to share your experience. We are looking to better understand the dynamic of this relationship, who shares it, who doesn’t and why.

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